Chelsea's Hope Boxer Rescue                    

A Boxer Rescue covering NY, NJ, PA, CT and the Northeast
We strive to take all dogs of all ages and medical needs.


Lucy's story

This is Lucy, we took Lucy on in a blink, She was in a life and death situation. We spent 2400.00 helping her. This was in the first month we were open. The estimate for her care was 1324.00 we raised that, the actually cost was 2400.00 with follow up visits. Lucy has since been adopted.

Lucy came to us with this enormous tumor.

Lucy all fixed up!!

Ethan's Story

Ethan is one of the dogs saved by CHBR. Ethan was found wandering in SC with an embedded collar. He is missing hair around his neck and has pressure sores all over his body. The pressure sores are from laying on hard surfaces, concrete etc. One of the first things Ethan received ( after medical) was a soft couch/bed to lay on. This is an example of a wonderful temperament on a middle aged dog that we strive to help. Ethan has since been adopted.
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Happy handsome boy in his comfy bed.

Zoey's Story

Zoey is another dog that Benefited from Chelsea's Hope Boxer Rescue. This stunning sealed brindle girl found her way to a VA shelter. Most folks would see this stunning girl and say, "ohh, I want her" but, there is a catch with Zoey. She is not dog friendly, she has 2 tumors that need to be removed and she needs to be spayed. Please understand, rescues are so overwhelmed with dogs and medical expenses, If if there is money for vetting, there is no room for a dog that can be fresh with other dogs. We all have multiple dogs, fosters etc. To do crate rotations all day long or risk a dog fight, is a lot of work. We also ask our resident dogs to share the space and have to go into crates. A dog like this may not have made it out of the southern shelter. She is the perfect lady, she is a Boxer that walks on a leash with ease. You could not asked for a better companion for a human. We're 170.00 into her just on transport and shots/ heath certificate to transport. She has a surgery consult vet visit tomorrow afternoon, She will be examined, blood drawn and a date will be set for her vetting. we anticipating the cost for spay and tumor removal will be 500.00. This a dog that will cost the rescue 670.00 to help, her adoption fee is 375.00. Is her life worth is? We thought it was! We count on your donations! Thank You!

Zoey has been adopted.