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Welcome 4 month old Franki to CH Boxer Rescue! English/Olde English Bulldog

Franki and her brother Alfie were pulled from a breeder!

They arrive this weekend and we are looking for their new homes!

What can we say? They are affectionate , adorable and available!

Adopters apply online www.chelseashopeboxerrescue.com

Fosters interested please message me!


Welcome 4 month old Alfie to CH Boxer Rescue! English/Old Eng Bulldog!

Alfie and his sister Franki were pulled from a breeder!

They arrive this weekend and we are looking for their new homes!

What can we say? They are affectionate , adorable and available!

Adopters apply online www.chelseashopeboxerrescue.com

Fosters interested please message me!


Please meet super sweet Skipper . Skipper is approximately two years old and good with female dogs. He was stray and has been wonderful for handling. His foster reports that he is very sweet and playful. He likes toys, attention, and chasing his tail. He is potty trained and loves his crate. Skipper loves to lay in the superman pose and enjoys children. He is learning to walk on leash and appears to be more of country boy (lol). If you want lots of cuddles, laughs, and love – this is the boy for you!


We are in need of a foster for this handsome boy.

Welcome Damien to CH Boxer Rescue!📣

At only 2 years old, Damien was released from a breeding program. This handsome little devil will be arriving in NY/NJ soon in need of a furever home. A fenced yard and a fur sister would be nice for Damien. He’s timid at first but also likes a little mischief like many boxer boys.🐶

Apply for Damien on the website or contact your coordinator:


If fostering/adopting in not an option, Damien would love donations to his vet care or transport:

�� Venmo @CHBR-rescue1

�� ZELLE chbrescue@yahoo.com

�� Checks: Chelsea’s Hope Boxer Rescue, 17 Lancelot Court #69, Monticello NY 12701


Welcome new beefcake Casey to CH Boxer Rescue!🤩

Casey retired from a breeding program & needs a furever home starting next week. This 4 year old is receiving overdue vet care and will be neutered. Casey is accustomed to running loose in a fenced yard with other dogs. He may need work on leash & a NY minute to adjust to new surroundings. His world just changed for the best, he just doesn’t know it yet.

💙 Apply on the website for Casey or contact your coordinator:


⭐️If fostering/adopting isn’t an option, you can still support Casey with donations to his vet care or transport:

💚 Venmo @CHBR-rescue1

💜 ZELLE [chbrescue@yahoo.com](mailto:chbrescue@yahoo.com)

💛 Checks: Chelsea’s Hope Boxer Rescue, 17 Lancelot Court #69, Monticello NY 12701

Nova Grace

Welcome 1 year old Nova Grace to CH Boxer Rescue!

Nova’s story, its reported that Nova was dumped out of a car in January. A Good Samaritan picked her up but the people that took her couldn’t keep her as she was dog number 3 and they rent.

Nova is now with a rescue partner and in a foster home. She attends doggy daycare 3 days a week! Cats unknown. Kids ok.

Apply online www.chelseashopeboxerrescue.com



Welcome handsome Palmer to CH Boxer Rescue!

This approximate 2 year old hunk of sweet bulldog is looking for a foster this week! He’s curgently with our vet on Long Island getting neutered and ready for his new home. Palmer will be ok with a female dog or as an only child. if you are approved or interested in fostering or foster to adopt message me and apps on our website: www.chelseashopeboxerrescue.com



Please welcome Hartford to CH Boxer Rescue! Hartford is a 2 year old Olde English Bulldog. He arrived at a local shelter as a stray on 3/15 so his history is a mystery! He is reportedly good with people & dogs but bully breed experience is preferred til we know this blockhead better.🐶

🚕 Hartford needs a foster or adopter AND a freedom ride from Bloomfield CT on 3/24! If interested message me and complete an application on our website:


Sandy (aka Nubbins)


Welcome Sandy to CH Boxer Rescue! Sandy is a “diamond in the ruff” full of boundless energy, a puppy in a 2 year old body (although all boxers are puppies well past the puppy age). Described by her foster mom as sweet, cuddly, strong and super smart, she’s an “in your face” kind of player. She has enjoyed playing with her foster fur brother but sometimes doesn’t know when to stop. Zeus will correct her and she will respond. She’s a quick learner and an experienced boxer owner will know how to direct her energy. Oh, and car rides are just one of the things she enjoys when not playing.

She’s been around people of all ages as well as older kids. She loves people. At this time, though, she’s a bit rough for younger kids.

Sandy does well with women but responds extremely well to men. She needs a dominant owner who has the patience & commitment to train her or will get a trainer to maximize her capabilities.

Sandy would enjoy a home with a young, energetic male dog to complement her own energy, or as an only with an active family. A fenced yard and a safe area for zoomies is a must. This girl has the ability to shine with the right family.

If you are interested in giving Sandy a home she can call her own, please complete an application online at chelseashopeboxerrescue.com.

If you are an approved adopter please reach out to your CHBR contact .


Mabel & Star

A promise made; a promise kept.

Welcome Mabel & Star to CH Boxer Rescue.

Not quite an owner surrender, but difficult circumstances still. When a dying friend makes you promise to keep her two dogs together, what do you do? Everything in your power to keep that promise.

Mabel, the dark one, is 6 years old and the mother to Star, the 3.5 year old Merle. These girls were rescued from the horrific life of the puppy mill. Petrified of humans, because of the mistreatment at their hands, this little family was saved from that life by a rescuer who worked with them every single day to gain their trust, showing them love & a gentle touch. And then this kind soul was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. She asked a family friend to care for them & made her promise they’d always be together. Our friend kept her promise but circumstances with her own fur baby made it necessary to get an outside foster. Don’t get us wrong: this foster has been amazing and the girls have thrived in her care. But she is a large breed foster and, well, these girls are not large!

About these girls: both are spayed; do well with other dogs (cats too! ); they are good with kids and Star does well with younger kids. They are quiet Doxies, not giving in to barking drama! They are extremely bonded (as mothers & daughters often are ) and MUST remain together. They’ve been through the worst of dog life together. They are doing so well because from rescuer to friend to foster, they’ve stayed together.

With your help, we can make sure a promise is fulfilled.

If you are interested in this sweet family, please complete an application online at chelseashopeboxerrescue.com

If you are an approved home & believe in promises, please reach out to your CHBR contact.


Please meet Gilligan . One year old boy. Good with female dogs. He was stray and has been wonderful for handling.


It’s raining bulldogs .Please meet Rupert this 3 to 4 year old boy has the best temperament of any Foster she’s ever had. That’s an exact quote from his foster Mommy. Good with everyone and everything. Please get an application in asap. Were healing his ears and then he will be neutered.


For adoption…Athena .

She is 2 years old and just wonderful. Athena is an Olde English Bulldog ( she is squinting in these pictures and had completed her eye surgery) she is feeling much better.

North Jersey Location.. good with male dogs and teen kids.

We have all the supplies, food, crate, leash harness/ collar.. she needs you.

The expected stay is 1 week. We’re processing applications for her.

OEB’s are generally healthier than EBS and can actually breathe!

She is a snuggle buddy for sure! Athena is 50 pounds.

Contact us to help.

Bulldog! Please meet 2-year-old Athena .she will be available one week from today. We’re just getting to know her we do believe she’s good with male dogs and teenage kids. In the picture you noticed she squinting a little bit. That’s entropia ( eye lashes rolliing in) and we’re having that treated while she is under for spay. Apply online and message me for more info.


Sweet Senior Alert!

Welcome Abigail to CH Boxer Rescue!

Abigail’s owner is not reclaiming her from a shelter in WV. She is just the sweetest and loves everyone! We will update on her already wonderful temperament as we get to know her while she’s being vetted… We need a FOSTER!

Apply online for foster or adoption, so Abigail can come North…



Welcome Zora to CH Boxer Rescue!

Zora is approximately 4 years old… She’s dog friendly and loves her people. A Good Samaritan reached out for help as owner couldn’t afford to keep her. Zora will be in foster on Long Island. Message me if interested and apps on our website



Welcome sweet Josie to Chelsea’s Hope Boxer Rescue. Nothing is ever certain in life and such is the case with military family dogs who often cannot accompany their humans to their next duty station . Josie is a 7 year old Shepherd/Hound mix who was adopted as a puppy by her family.

Her human dad is an Air Force pilot who cannot take her to his next assignment. She was her mom’s co-pilot when her dad was overseas in Qatar and was her baby before the human babies joined the family. Josie’s family is as heartbroken as she is that they cannot stay together.

Josie lived with young kids (ages 1 & 4) and a fur brother. She is house trained, good with kids, UTD on vaccines and microchipped. Her older fur brother, Bandit, is going to live with his great grandmother and be her companion.

This perfect family dog has had her world turned upside down. Since she’s an active, lively dog we are looking for a fun, active family who can match what she has to offer. No cats please.

Josie is currently located in LI with a foster family.

If you are interested in giving Josie a new family, please complete an application on our site.


or if you are an approved home and feel you can give Josie that new family, please reach out to your CHBR contact.


Update on stunning Celia the American Bulldog… Celia is younger than we originally believed her to be. She’s petite and a puppy of 5-6 months old. Celia is smart! Knows commands and is house and crate trained. Shes’ll be fine with a male dog. Cats unknown. Celia because of her rare coloring and eyes was more than likely saved from a life of breeding…

She’s in a NY foster, apply today


Welcome Celia, this beautiful 10 month old American Bulldog. This timid puppy weighs in under 50 lbs.,. Last week a police officer heard a dog crying in an apartment building and upon searching found this scared pup, locked outside of a second floor balcony. Frightened. Cold. Not one person there would take responsibility or offer a reason as to just how she found herself on a second floor balcony. Celia was turned over to Animal Control and will be released from mandatory hold on Saturday, March 11th.

Celia is timid and hand shy, likely the victim of abuse. She’s a bit socially awkward with other dogs and needs to learn canine social cues. In spite of all she’s been through in a short few months, she will warm up to humans. We know in our hearts that there is SOMEONE out there willing to offer a warm home, a kind hand, and patience to help this girl find her confidence and trust.

An adult home or home with older kids/teens is what this girl needs. Celia would do well as an only or with a calm, confident male dog to show her the ropes .

We would prefer a Long Island Foster, Foster to Adopt or Adopter as Celia will need spay and surgery for her Cherry eye in mid-March. If you can give Celia her freedom ride from Hartford to LI, please let us know.

If you are interested in Celia apply online on our site chelseashopeboxerrescue.com

If you are pre-approved and want to help Celia change her world, please get in touch with your CHBR contact.


They say smiles are contagious. Buster’s smile certainly infects humans around him with joy!

This 2-3 YO shows the world he’s happy with a constant smile in spite of tough times. Did we mention he’s deaf? Just a blip in the road but he’s still smiling!

Buster was roaming in TX where people drive like the Daytona 500. Unable to hear cars or wild animals approaching, a Good Samaritan was concerned for his safety. Now safe in boarding, Buster sleeps peacefully until you wake him, walks well on leash & is friendly with other animals including stray cats.

Buster makes his way north in 2 weeks. He needs a foster or adopter so he can keep that infectious smile. Someone must surely be worthy of that smile!

Apply to foster, adopt or donate to Buster at: https://www.chelseashopeboxerrescue.com/

Look at this gorgeous black and tan on this Saint Patrick’s Day. . Bruce is a Shorty Bull. PERSONALLY FOR DAYS! Other dogs ,cats ,kids all welcomed. Bruce is 2 years old. North Jersey foster.
Foster or foster to adopt needed for this wonderful Shorty Bull named Bruce. He is 2 years old and great with other dogs. He has been known to babysit puppies too.. He loves children. His legs are healing. He is on antibiotics. We have all the supplies..He just needs you. This is a happy, playful, charming sweet boy. He is a peanut of 35 pounds. North Jersey location.
Welcome Splash to CH Boxer Rescue!
Splash was rescued from a lake in Texas by a Good Samaritan. He’s safe in foster now and getting up to date on medical.
Splash is a sweet boy 2-3 year old and loves to be loved. His foster mom tells us he loves to be pet and sit oh her lap. Walks well on the leash. Cats unknown, female fur sister would be ok, older kids for now.
apply online
Hello, my name is Rosie Grace but foster Mom calls me Roro, wowo, and sometimes Rosalita.
I’m 1yr old and my birthday is September 11th. I have velvety soft fur and fun, floppy ears.
I weigh 36 lbs and am quite healthy besides having spina bifida. I am on a special diet though they will need to be continued so I don’t get the cha chas.
I am fully mobile and like to think I’m a great athlete! I love to play fetch and love to go for walks and play outside. I’m the summer the kiddie pool is my favorite place to be. I love laying in it to cool off and love to jump around and splash in it.
I am also good at tricks and know how to sit, lay, shake, high five and speak. I also know the “wait” command.
I really like kids and every other person I’ve met. I go to work with foster momma and I love socializing with everyone.
I’ve been good with the cats I’ve met and also currently live with a bearded dragon and a tortoise who I’m very good with.
I like to play with dogs outside of my home but can be a bit of a diva at times and require all of my persons attention in my home which leads to me being grouchy toward my foster dog siblings. An only dog home would be best for be so I don’t have to share my humans attention with anyone else.
I do well being alone at home and don’t get into things but I can’t be left alone for too long… diapers need changing!
I sleep in my crate at night and sleep through the night. I also enjoy naps on the couch!
I also love car rides and am happy to go anywhere!
If you are interested in adopting me please fill out an application through Chelsea’s Hope Boxer Rescue


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of new dogs coming into rescue! We appreciate the interest and applications for these newcomers and work diligently to ensure they get the right homes, and humans, so that they can start to heal & feel that sense of belonging they deserve.
However, we need to bring attention to these two special girls who are still searching for the right humans who will open their hearts & give them a new furever home.
While they provide immediate safety & respite to abused, neglected, traumatized pups, shelters are not furever homes and the sooner dogs can be fostered or adopted the better it is for them!
So as an “ end of year, please don’t forget about them” reminder, here are Katie and Natasha once again for your consideration. They’d love to own you and your heart!
This sweet 3 year old is fully vetted and located in Montclair NJ area. Katie is another victim of circumstances imposed by humans. A product of divorce, neither parent was willing to take her. Thinking she was expendable, she was dumped at a high kill shelter in the south. How confused and scared she must have been to lose her home & humans who turned their backs on her.
Katie has to be your only fur baby. She needs to decompress , regain her confidence and sense of belonging. A stay at home/work at home/ opposite work shift schedule is the best home for her. Teens ok.
If you are a pre-approved home & interested in giving Katie the home she deserves, please reach out to your CHBR contact. If you’re a human who is ready to be the one & only for Katie, please apply online at our site, www.chelseashopeboxerrescue.com

Help us save more pups!

We have racked up medical expenses getting all of our pups fixed up & ready to go to their forever homes. Anything you can spare is greatly appreciated & will go to the care of the dogs.

Order your Pet Food at Chewy.com and Chelsea’s Hope Boxer Rescue will earn donations!